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Bailey’s Irish Cream


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3 Eggs

15 oz Canned milk or “Eagle Brand”

1/2 pt Whipping cream

1/2 ts Coconut extract

3 tb Chocolate syrup

13 oz Scotch Whiskey, (mickey)

Combine all ingredients in a blended for 1 minute. Let stand over night. Bottle the next day. No waiting time.

LIQ-LIQ-013-600X600-Baileys_Irish_Cream_1L.jpgBaileys Original Irish Cream | Baileys Irish CreamAlcohol: Bailey's Irish Cream on Pinterest | Baileys Irish Cream ...Bailey's Irish Cream - Make your favorite Restaurant & Starbucks ...Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks Diet Tips - Christmas Calorie Counter ...Baileys Irish Cream LiqueurBaileys Irish Cream - Drink Secretstropical-chicken-and-shamrock-shake-024.jpg

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