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Jerk Marinade


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1 Onion, finely chopped

1/2 c Scallion, finely chopped

2 ts Ground thyme

1 ts Salt

2 ts Sugar

1 ts Allspice

1/2 ts Ground nutmeg

1 Walkerswood Caribbean FoodsBest Lawrys Jerk Marinade Recipe on : Walkerswood Jerk Marinade, Glass 17 Ounce : Jerk Rub ...Authentic Jamaican Jerk Sauce Marinade for Chicken, Pork, or ...Jerk Marinade Recipe - Bon Appetitwalkerswood_jerk_marinade-375x500.jpgWalkerswood Jamacian Jerk Gourmet Products - jerk seasoning bbq ...World Harbors Jamaican Style Jerk Marinade and Sauce, 16 oz ...KC Masterpiece® | Marinades | Caribbean Jerkhotsauceworld_2253_44011425

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