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Singapore Sling


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1/2 Lemon, juice of

1 ts Powdered suger

2 oz Gin

1/2 oz Cherry brandy

Carbonated water (to fill) mix and serve! //ara Kent

Singapore Sling u203a The Event Space u2039 HEAVEN BangkokSingapore Sling Recipes DishmapsSingapore Sling Recipe - Singapore Sling Services u203a Singapore Sling | World Famous ...18e85941850fae0ee3d19c0033ec00e5.jpg7 Singapore Slings to celebrate with - HungryGoWhere SingaporeThe Original Singapore Sling - Cherry Heering Drink Recipe - CocktailMix up some Singapore Slings & Kick Back: How to make a Perfect ...Cocktail Recipe: Singapore SlingThe Signatures 1oz 2oz | myunderground.caSINGAPORE SLING DRINK RECIPE

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