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Shirley Temple Cocktail

RecipeRecipe (click to expand) 8 oz Club soda (or 7-Up)  1 oz Grenadine syrup 1 sl Orange 1 Red maraschino cherry Mix soda and grenadine syrup. Serve in tall glass with straw, garnished with orange and maraschino (and, unless your heart is made of stone, a little paper parasol as ...

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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)1 c Water 1/3 c Lime Juice 1 ea Clove Garlic; Finely Chopped 2 ts Salt 1 x Pepper; Dash of 24 ea Shrimp; Raw, * 1 ea Avocado; Peeled And Chopped 2 ea Jalapeno Chiles; ** 1/4 c Tomato; Chopped 2 tb Onion; Chopped 2 tb ...

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Fruit Cocktail Cake

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)2 c Unbleached Flour 1 1/2 c Sugar 2 c Fruit Cocktail 2 ts Baking Soda 2 ea Large Eggs 1 x Pinch Salt Mixall ingredients in a 9 x 13-inch pan. Mix by hand. Bake at 350 degrees F. for about 40 minutes.

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Champagne Cocktail

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)1 (6 Oz.) Can Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate, Thawed & Undiluted 1 cn (6 Oz.) Frozen Limeade Concentrate, Thawed & Undiluted 2 (25.4 Oz.) Bottles Champagne Chilled 1 (33.8 Oz.) Bottle Lemon- Lime Sparking Water, Chilled Crushed Ice (Optional) Combine Orange Juice & Limeade Concentrates in A ...

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