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Wedding Soup


RecipeRecipe (click to expand)1 pk Soup bone 2 pk Beef Shank (cross cuts) 1 pk Soup vegetables 1 cn Whole tomatoes Parsley flakes Salt and pepper 1/2 lb Macaroni soup mac 1 Onion Boil water, soup bone, meat (as much as you like), and onion (cut in half). Fill pan ...

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Meatball Soup


RecipeRecipe (click to expand)1 ea Slice bread 1/2 c Milk 1 lb Ground turkey 1/2 ts Salt 1/2 ts Pepper 2 tb Vegetable oil 3 c Chicken broth 16 oz Tomato sauce wth tomato bits 1 ea Medium onion 2 ea Carrots, sliced thin 2 ea Celery stalks, sliced 1/4 ...

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White Bean Soup


RecipeRecipe (click to expand)1 lb Navy beans; dry 3 qt Water 1 ea Ham bone or hock; smoked 2 T Parsley; chopped 1 c Onions; finely chopped 1 ea Garlic; clove, minced 2 c Celery &tops; finely chopped 1 1/2 t Salt 1/2 t Pepper Cover beans with water in ...

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Vegetable-Beef Soup


RecipeRecipe (click to expand)Ingredients1poundbeef, shanks 3cupwater 1teaspoonsalt 4eachpepper, whole corns 1eachtomatoes, can 3eachbouillon, beef cubes 2eachcarrots, sliced 1eachvegetab1es, frozen package 3eachcelery, stalks, with tops 2eachonions, diced 2eachpotatoes dicedDirections:Put all ingredients in crockpot. Cover and cook on Low 12 to 24 hours or High 4 to 6 hours.

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Tortilla Soup


  RecipeRecipe (click to expand) 6 Inch Corn Tortillas, cut -into 1/2-inch strips 2 Tomatoes 1/2 sm Onion, chopped 1 Garlic Clove, minced 1/2 Green Pepper, chopped 2 c Chicken Stock 1 tb Cilantro, freshly chopped 1/4 c Low-Fat Monterey Jack -Cheese, freshly grated Bake tortilla strips in the oven ...

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Tomato Soup

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)3 cn Condensed tomato soup 10.5 oz each 3 Soup cans water Grated Parmesan cheese 1. In a heat-resistant, non-metallic soup tureen or a deep, 3- quart, heat-resistant, non-metallic casserole, combine condensed soup and water. 2. Heat, covered, in Microwave Oven 8 to 10 minutes or until ...

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Leek Potato Soup

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)Ingredients3eachleeks, large bunches 3poundpotatoes 3eachonions 2eachgarlic, cloves 1qtmilk (optional) 1qthalf and half (optional) 1ptheavy cream (optional) 3cupchicken stock (clear) 3cupwater 1salt, to taste 1pepper, to tasteDirections:Peel the potatoes in advance and keep them submerged under cold water to prevent discoloration.Smash the garlic clusters on their sides to ...

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Sweet Potato Soup

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)1 1/4 lb Sweet potato, diced, peeled 3 Carrots, chopped 1 lg Celery stalk, chopped 1 Bay leaf 6 c Water 2 tb Lemon juice 1 ts Hungarian sweet paprika Put all vegetables with the bay leaf in a soup pot. Add water & bring to a ...

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Vegetable Soup

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)8 c Chicken broth (see recipe) 1/3 c Olive oil 1/4 c Chopped parsley 4 ea Garlic cloves 1/4 lb Pancetta or unsmoked bacon 3 c Shredded cabbage 1 ea Medium onion, finely chopped 2 ea Carrots, finely chopped 1 ea Celery stalk, finely chopped 1 ea ...

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Stuffed Pepper Soup

RecipeRecipe (click to expand) Ingredients 2 lbs beef, ground   28 oz tomato sauce   28 oz diced tomatoes, undrained   2 cup long grain white rice, cooked   2 cup green bell pepper, chopped   2 each beef bouillon cube   1/4 cup brown sugar, packed   2 teaspoon ...

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