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Adobong Pusit


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1 1/8poundsquid, small, fresh
1/2cupvinegar, native
10clovesgarlic, minced
1 salt, to taste
1 pepper, to taste
1mediumonion, sliced
2mediumtomatoes, chopped
1teaspoonmonosodium glutamate, vet-sin, optional


Wash the squids very well. Remove the long thin membrane in the head and slit the eyes to bring out the ink. Place the squids in a saucepan with vinegar, 6 cloves garlic crushed, salt and pepper. Cover and cook slowly until the squids are tender.

Cut cooked squids into 1/2 inch slices crosswise.

Crush remaining garlic and saute in a little lard in another pan. Add the onion and tomatoes and cook until tomatoes are very soft. Add the squids and the liquid in which they were boiled. Simmer for 7 minutes.

Season with salt, pepper and vet-sin.

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