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Auld Alliance


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350 g Roquefort cheese

Whisky This deceptively simple cheese cream from Overscaig in Sutherland is delicious served as a cream pate for the first course or at the end of a meal as a savoury. Pound the cheese to a thick cream. Add drop by drop as much whisky as it will ‘drink’ to make a firm cream. Pack into small earthenware pots and chill in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours. Serve with hot buttered toast or oatcakes. From: Janet Warren, A Feast of Scotland, Lomond Books, 1993, ISBN 1-85051-112-8

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Auld AllianceEnglish Historical Fiction Authors: The 'Auld Alliance'logoauld.jpgThe Scottish-French Auld Alliance in three books...DeviantArt: More Like The Unchanging Auld Alliance by Lil-Miss-TinyThe Auld Alliance | Singapore bars and clubs, nightlife | SG ...Whisky Heaven at The Auld Alliance | Reviews | Food & Drink | Bars ...DeviantArt: More Like The Unchanging Auld Alliance by Lil-Miss-TinyAULD ALLIANCE - LE LIEN FRANCO-ECOSSAIS


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