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Blackberry Jam



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3 cup blackberries  
2 cup water  
1 pk fruit pectin, powdered  
5 cup sugar  
Crush fruit thoroughly. Add water and fruit pectin. Stir until pectin is
dissolved. Heat to boiling. Boil 5-10 minutes. Add sugar. Stir until
dissolved. Boil 3-5 minutes, stirring frequently, or until thick. The
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blackberry-jam-Medium.jpgPreserving food | The Crone and Mr Green JeansBlackberry Jam Recipe without Pectin | Raspberry Jam Recipes ...blackberry jam | TasteSpottingBlackberry Jam Recipes | ThriftyFunBlackberry Jam Recipe without Pectin | Raspberry Jam Recipes ...main_blackberry_jam.jpgRecipe of the week: Blackberry Jam - Blog Post | BookPage


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