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Brunswick Stew



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2 ea Rabbits

4 ea Squirrels

2 lb Venison

4 ea Onions, med, diced & sauteed

4 ea Potatoes, diced

8 c Broth (from parboil)

1/2 c Butter

8 oz Cream style corn

16 oz Lima/butter beans, can

2 cn Tomatoes

1 cn Okra (if available)

2 tb Worcestershire sauce

2 ea Bay leaves

2 ts Salt

1 ts Peppercorns

1 ts Red pepper, dried

Parboil rabbits or squirrels; remove meat from bones. Save broth. Cut venison into chunks, flour, and brown. Add all ingredients to a large pot and simmer slowly for about an hour with the pot covered. When meats are tender, check if seasoning adjustment is needed. Add water to thin if required. Serve in soup bowls. A dash or two of tabasco can be substituted for the red pepper. Modify ingredients according to availability.


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