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Caldo Gallego


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1 lb Medium sized white beans

2 1/2 qt Water

1/2 lb Salt pork,cubed

1 ea Meaty ham bone or smoked

-pork hock 6 sm White potatoes, peeled and

-diced 1 bn Collards, mustard greens or

-spinach 4 ea Spanish sausages [chorizos]

Salt if needed PREPARATION 1 ea Rinse beans, cover with 6

-cups of water in a large Kettle, soak overnight. 2 ea When ready to cook , add

-additional 1 quart water ¥ the salt pork and ham bone 3 ea Bring to a boil. Cover,

-reduce heat and simmer

about 2 1/2 hours or until beans are tender. 4. Add potatoes and collards or mustard greens [If using spinach add later with the chorizos]. Simmer 20 minutes. 5. Cut chorizos in 1-inch pieces. Add to beans and cook 10 min longer. Taste and add salt if necessary [ I doubt it]. If too salty, add additional water. 6. Remove ham bone. Cut off meat and return meat to stew. Serve in soup bowls. Caldo Gallego

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