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Chicken Livers


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1poundchicken, livers
3eachbacon, slices, diced
3eachonions, green, with tops, chopped
1cupchicken bouillon
1eachmushroom soup, golden, 10 oz can
1eachmushrooms, 4 oz can, sliced, drained
1/4cupwine, white, dry or sauterne


Cut chicken livers into bite-size pieces; toss in flour, salt and pepper. Fry bacon pieces in large skillet; remove when brown. Add flour-coated chicken livers and green onions to bacon grease in skillet; saute until lightly browned. Pour chicken bouillon into skillet and stir into drippings. Pour all into crockpot. Add browned bacon bits and all remaining ingredients. Cover and cook on Low 4 to 6 hours.

Serve over rice, toast or buttered noodles.

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