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Christmas Boxes


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Fast & fancy butter cookie For each box, cut out and bake 5 squares of the same size. Cut one larger for top. Trim all edges square. Use confectioners icing to “glue” 4 squares together for sides. Trim 5th for bottom and glue in place with

icing. Trim larger square to sit on top. Roll out square gumdrops in sugar until thin; cut into shapes and attach to box with icing. At this point you can put something inside the box before you glue the top on. I just put in small goodies, like other little cookies. Then I glue on the top and the kids have to eat them to get inside. The kids go nuts over these little surprises. —–

DYK: Christmas Boxes were originally earthenware boxes | Days Gone ByChristmas Gift Boxes Stock Photography - Image: 1719410212 Daze of Christmas, 11: No Ring, No Gloves | Des Nnochiri's ...Drop and Shop is Back! - Associates In Pediatric Therapy


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