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Cumberland Sausage


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6 oz Pork back fat minced

1 lb Shoulder of pork minced

1 oz Stale breadcrumbs

1/2 sl Smoked bacon minced

Salt Pepper Nutmeg Mace

The pork should be boned and skinned. Mix the shoulder and the fat. Add 8 tablespoons hot water to the crumbs. Mix everything together (use your hands), seasoning well with pepper, and adding a generous pinch of both the spices. Fry a spoonful of the sausage to test the seasoning. Fill the sausage casings as usual. Prick in a few places and allow to sit overnight before cooking. …These are very good baked in a buttered baking dish at 350F until browned. Turn after 20 minutes, and raise the heat if the

sausages are cooking too slowly.


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