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Duck a L’Orange


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6 lb Duck, cut

1/2 c Red wine

1 T Orange peelings

1 ea Clove garlic, minced

3 T Salad oil

1 T Potato starch

1 1/4 c Orange juice

1 T Honey

1/4 t Ginger

1/8 t Pepper

1 c Orange sections

Puncture duckling generously with fork; place on rack in roasting pan. Pour most of the sweet red wine over duckling pieces. Roast in slow oven (325 deg), basting occasionally, allowing 25 minutes/pound. In medium saucepan, saute’ orange peel and garlic in oil.Mix in potato starch till smooth.Slowly add orange juice, honey and remaining wine. Simmer (1 min). Mix in ginger,pepper and orange sections; simmer (5 min). Serve hot sauce with roast duckling.

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