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Easy Fudge


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6 tb Margarine

3 1/2 c Confectioners’ sugar

1/2 c Sifted cocoa powder

1 ts Vanilla extract

1/4 c Soy milk

1 c Chopped nuts (optional)

Lightly grease a 5 x 9-inch loaf pan using a little of the margarine. Place the remaining margarine, sugar, cocoa, vanilla and soy milk in a heatproof mixing bowl or the upper part of a double boiler. Place the bowl or boiler over simmering water and stir until smooth. Add the nuts if desired. Pour the mixture quickly into the prepared pan. Chill thoroughly and cut into squares. Makes 2 to 3 dozen squares Preparation Time: 15 minutes Chilling Time: 1 hour * Source: The Compassionate Cook – by Ingrid Newkirk and PETA * Typed for you by Karen Mintzias

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