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3poundbeef chuck cross rib roast
1water to cover roast
1cnwhole clams
28ozcan tomatoes
5ozcan tomato paste
1sour cream
1teaspoonwhole peppercorns
1teaspoonchili powder
2eachonions sliced
8eachcloves garlic
1cupmushrooms, fresh


Cover roast with just enough water in pressure cooker. Cook for 45
minutes ’till done. Remove roast from liquor and let cool. Add Can of whole
tomatoes, can of clams, Sliced onions, sliced mushrooms, spices and
tomato paste. Crush garlics with side of knife and add to stew. Stir and
let simmer. When roast has cooled down shred into peaces and add to the
stew to simmer. Either serve plain with sour cream on top or stir in sour
cream and serve over rice or noodles. Or eat goulash alone, but with

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