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Kung Pao



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1/2 lb Chicken breasts, boneless

4 tb Oil

-MARINADE- 2 ts Cornstarch

2 ts Soy sauce

1 ts Sherry

1 Egg whites

1/2 ts Salt

2 ts Ginger, chopped

2 Onions, green

1/4 c Nuts

SEASONING 2 ts Cornstarch

2 ts Sherry

1/2 tb Soy sauce

1 ts Vinegar

1/2 ts Salt

1/2 ts Sugar

2 ts Sesame oil

4 tb Peanut oil

Cut green onions into 3/4″ pieces. Cut boned breast into small pieces. Mix cornstarch, soy, wine, and slightly beaten egg white. Add remaining marinade ingredients and blend well. Add chicken and marinate overnight in refrigerator. Heat oil in wok. Add chicken. Stir fry until chicken is white, then add ginger and scallion. Cook a few more seconds, add peanuts, add seasonings. When sauce is slightly thickened and coats food, remove and serve hot.


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