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Miso Soup


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1 tb Miso

1 c Boiling water

A few tiny cubes soft tofu A few slices scallion greens OPTIONAL ADDITIONS 1 tb To 2T dried wakame seaweed,

Soaked in water for 10-15 Mins, drained Tiny carrot sticks, steamed Shredded cabbage, steamed Few spinch leaves 1. Place the miso in the serving bowl. Add about 1/4c of the boiling

water and stir to make a uniform paste. 2. Stir in remaining water plus all the remaining ingredients. Serve

immediately. For more servings, multiply ingredients, do step 1 in advance, and divide it into serving bolws, adding step 2 just before serving. From the New Moosewood Cookbook Shared by Lisa Greenwood

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