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Mochiko Chicken


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3 lb Chicken cleaned*

2 tb All Purpose flour

4 tb Cornstarch

4 tb Mochiko**

4 tb Granulated Sugar

5 tb Soy sauce

1 tb Chinese Oyster sauce

2 Eggs

MSG; Optional Chopped green onions 7 tb Seasame seeds; to taste

*boned and cut up in bite sizes. **(Sweet flour made from glutinous rice) Mix all of the ingredients with the cut up chicken in a large bowl, stir well to coat all of the chicken. Marinate for two or three hours. Fry in a large skillet as you would with normal fried chicken until golden brown. Drain on paper towels and serve hot. This basic recipe is from the Honpa Hongwanji Buddist Temple Cookbook published in Honolulu in 1973. That same Buddist temple has since then published an additional four or five cookbooks. All of them I am told are very good and offer a wide selection of island cooking covering all of the ethnic groups in Hawaii not only the Japanese-Hawaiians. Hawaii is a melting pot of races and it is also a melting pot of cuisines with each of its many ethnic groups contributing to the rich experience of Hawaiian foods. The island housewives “cook in many languages” and I indeed enjoyed, and still do enjoy, “eating in many languages” I hope this is the recipe you wanted Vicki. If not just send a message this way and I will attempt to get just what you wish. …..Aloha…”Kapena” FROM: THEODORE SEDGWICK (XPST31A)

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