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Mushroom Sauce



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1/2 md Onion, chopped

2 Cloves garlic, minced

1 c Mushrooms, sliced

3 T Flour, toasted

1 To 1 1/2 cup water or veg.

Stock 1 T Shoyu (soy sauce)

1/2 t Molasses

3/4 t Savory

1/2 Tst

x Black pepper & salt to Taste Thyme In a non-stick skillet, stir the flour over medium heat until it begins to smell toasted and turns very light brown. Pour flour to a small bowl && set asside. Reduce heat to medium && steam/saute onions && garlic, using teaspoons of the water or stock to keep them from sticking, until the onions are soft. Add mushrooms, cover, and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. The mushrooms will release liquid, cook them until it has mostly evaporated. Sprinkle flour over the mushroom && onion mixture and mix. Stir water or stock, shoyu, and molasses into the mushrooms && onions. Simmer over medium-low heat until the sauce thickens. Season with herbs, pepper, && salt. Serve immediately. This is nice on baked potatoes, pasta, thick toast, etc. If you mix in a cup or so of soy milk (not flavored) it makes a lovely soup.

From: Christina Hulbe  

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