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Pasta Fagioli


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1 lb Great Northern Beans (picked

-over) 1/3 lb Pinto Beans (also picked

-over) 5 qt Water

1 sm Can tomato paste

1 1/2 tb Salt

1 ts Basil (a little more won’t

-hurt) 1 ts Oregano (a little more won’t

-hurt) 2 1/2 tb Granulated garlic or 1 – 1

-1/2 tbsp. garlic powder 1 Stalk celery cut into 3

-pieces – discard later 1 c Olive oil (Bertoli works

-very well) 6 Carrots (grated)

(optional) 2/3 lb smoked picnic ham or 1 smoked ham hock Cook beans in water for 15 minutes (boil hard until beans sink). Add in the rest of the ingredients. Keep slowly rolling boil until beans are done. (Not too soft). If soup is too thick add a little more water. Cook 1/2 lb. of small shell macaroni (al dente). Drain well, add to soup when serving. Soup should be 30% macaroni – 70% soup. When serving add parmesan cheese, pepper to taste. FREEZES VERY WELL.

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