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11 oz Honey

5 oz Sugar

2 oz Butter

1 pn Salt

2 ts Baking Powder

2 1/4 c Coffe

18 oz Whole Wheat Flour

1 Egg

6 dr Almondoil

1 tb Rum

1/2 ts Ground Cloves

1 ts Cinnamon

GLAZE: 2 oz Powdered Sugar

1 tb Hot Water

Melt together;honey,sugar,cold coffe and butter in small bowl, by warming it slowly, best in microwave.Let it cool off. Mix the flour and baking Powder together in bowl, make a well in the middle and put in the egg and the spices and stir all together slowly adding the cold honeymixture too. The dough has to be thick but has to drop of a spoon slowly ,if to thick add a little bit more cold coffe. Grease a cookiesheet very good and with a wet spatula spread the dough out on it,about 1 cm thick. Heat oven to 350 gegress F and put the cookiesheet on the highest rack in the oven. Bake about 20 minutes. Make the glaze and immedietly glaze the dough when it it comes out of the oven, cool a little and cut into rectangles. Store in a tightly closed tin container so they stay soft. Those are the old, traditional German Lebkuchen and the stores just add fancier shapes and chocolate icings.The best is to expiriment a little.

Joulupiparkakut (finnische Weihnachtspfefferkuchen) | fraulillerBraune Pfefferkuchen - Ursprunglicher PfefferkuchengenussPfefferkuchen-Pferd mit Mandeln belegtPfefferkuchen - Smiley | handgarniert von Georg GrafeJoulupiparkakut (finnische Weihnachtspfefferkuchen) | fraulillerFile:Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen.JPG - Wikimedia CommonsPfefferkuchen - Platzchen (Rezept mit Bild) von baghira555 ...Pfefferkuchen selber backen? - So geht?s -


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