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Pork Vindaloo


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2 1/2 lb Lean pork

1 c Oil

1/2 ts Mustard

1 c Vinegar

5 Green chillies chopped

1 Half-inch cube ginger

-chopped 1 ts Turmeric

2 ts Salt

1 Sprig curry leaves

Spices to be ground -together 30 Red chillies

1/2 oz Garlic

1 Half-inch cube ginger

2 ts White cummin

2 ts Mustard

1 lg Onion

1 (2/3-inch) stick cinnamon

3 Cloves

Cube pork. Heat oil, season with mustard. Add sliced green chillies and ginger and fry until dry. Add ground spices with turmeric powder and fry until oil starts to separate. Add meat and curry leaves and mix well. Fry 3 5 minutes.

Add vinegar and salt. cover and cook on slow stove until meat is tender and oil floats to the top, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Do NOT add water! This is and oldie but a goodie.

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