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RAVIOLI STUFFING Flaked smoked salmon Grated Fontina cheese (just -a wee bit) SAUCE 1/4 c Butter

1/4 c All purpose sifted flour

1 t Salt

1/8 ts White pepper

2 c Milk

Fresh dill (dried can be -used as well)

Directions: Make and cook the raviolis. Melt butter in saucepan, remove from heat and add flour, salt and pepper stirring constantly. Slowly add milk then put back on the stove. Bring to boiling stirring often. As soon as it starts boiling simmer for 1 minute then add chopped dill (use your own judgement as to how much) at this point and stir. Pour over warm raviolis. Garnish with sprig of fresh dill (if you have it).


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