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1 c Toor Dal

1 ts Tamarind

3 ts Salt

pn Turmeric 2 ts Channa Dal

3 ts Dhania Seeds

1 pn Hing

3 Red Chillies

1/4 c Grated Coconut

1 ts Mustard

Corriander leaves 1 Green Peppers cut into

Pieces 1 Onion chopped

1 Tomato cut into pieces

1. Boil the toor dal with 3 cups of water

2. Fry channa dal, dhania seeds, hing, red chillies for a few minutes

and then fry it with grated coconut 3. Grind the above mixture with water

4. Fry the green pepper in oil for a few minutes

5. Boil the tamarind paste, water, salt, turmeric, tomato and vegetables

6. Add 3 and cook for about 5 minutes

7. Add boiled dal and bring it to a boil

8. In the meanwhile fry mustard seeds, onion

9. Add the above ingredients & corriander leaves to the mixture

Recipe By : Somesh Rao

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