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Sesame Chicken



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1 lb (Approx) of chicken,

Cut into small pieces. 3 tb Soy Sauce

2 tb Dry sherry

(Or Balsamic Vinegar, Which adds an interesting Tang) 1 ts Shredded ginger

2 ts Shredded orange peel

(optional, but suggested) 3 tb Cornstarch

4 tb Sesame seeds (raw).

Mix the first four ingredients together in a bowl, and add the chicken. Turn to coat thoroughly with the mixture, and place in the refrigerator to marinate for at least an hour. At the end of this time add the sesame seeds, and in your wo k place 1″ of oil. Heat the oil, then add the chicken (if the chicken doesn’t s izzle when it hits the oil, it isn’t hot enough) a few pieces at a time, so that the temperature doesn’t drop. Stir fry in small batches. Add to thai noodles with peanut sauce, or use as a base for a chinese stir-fry. For a vegetable base to place over rice, chop up broccoli and mushrooms, and have anything else appropriate (water chestnuts, which can be replaced by Jicama sl ices) handy. Put 2 tablespoons of fresh oil in the wok, possibly flavoring it w ith either sesame oil, or some other strong nut oil (like walnut) that can take heat. Bring it to temperature, then add the vegetables, 1 TBsp of sugar, and a tsp of salt. stir everything rapidly around the pan until the broccoli darkens slightly, and you begin to smell a slighlty carmelized vegetable smell. Then ad d the water chestnuts and the chiken, swirl around until just warm, and transfer to a serving bowl. Serve with Rice, or possibly cellophane noodles. Notes from the Chef: “If I posted this before, sorry, but it goes with the peanut sauce and noodles of the previous recipe.”


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