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Spanish Tortilla



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3 Potatoes peeled & sliced

4 Medium eggs

4 tb Olive oil

Salt to taste In Spain, a tortilla is a peasant potato omlette. It is usually eaten at room temperature, and is standard picnic food. It’s cooked in a medium sized sautee (or frying) pan and is round and solid; serve it sliced in pie-shaped pieces. Heat oil in pan, lower heat and sautee potatoes slowly until fairly soft. Turn and “slice” at them often with spoon or metal spatula. Scrape pan so nothing sticks. Lift cooked potatoes into bowl, add slightly beaten eggs and salt, mix lightly and return to pan (add a little oil if none remains). Cook slowly until bubbles start to appear on top, or it seems half-cooked. Loosen from pan with spatula if necessary. Place a plate on top, turn tortilla over on to pan, then slide it off into pan to cook on other side. Should be solid when fin- ished. Remove from pan the same way. (Experts flip the tortilla to turn it – I have never had the nerve to even TRY this!). Makes a good side dish, light supper, or picnic dish.


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