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Tuna Salad Sandwich

  RecipeRecipe (click to expand) 3 1/2 oz (1) can tuna; packed in oil 1/4 c Celery; finely chopped 1 tb Green pepper;(red or yellow -for color if you can0 1/2 ts Salt; ds Freshly ground pepper; 1 tb Green onion; finely chopped 1/4 c Plain low-fat yogurt; 1 ts ...

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Steak Sandwich

RecipeRecipe (click to expand) MICKEY’S GOURMET CKBK- 4 Strip sirloin steaks, 6oz ea 6 oz Flour 2 tb Red pepper flakes 4 Sub rolls, 6″ 1 lb Onions, thinly sliced rings 2 c Milk Oil for deep frying Yachtman’s Steakhouse, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Combine flour and pepper. Mix well. ...

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Monte Cristo Sandwich

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)This is the best Monte Cristo sandwich in the world… and I don’t just mean Disneyworld. It seems complicated but believe is well worth the effort. Make each item in the order given. The Currant Jelly Sauce and the Fruit Compote go alongside. ***Currant Jelly Sauce*** ...

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Ice Cream Sandwich

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)-Joyce Burton PDPP83A 1 tb Crunchy peanut butter 2 Graham cracker squares 1/2 c WW vanilla ice milk Spread peanut butter on 1 Graham cracker square. Top with vanilla ice milk and another Graham cracker square. Each Serving = 1 Pro., 1 Fat, 1 Fruit, 1/2 Milk, ...

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Sandwich Ideas

RecipeRecipe (click to expand)2 Parts low-fat plain yogurt -with one part mayonnaise. Peanut Butter and _____ Sandwiches Peanut butter combines well with: honey sliced bananas grated carrots raisins applesauce bacon bits cream cheese jam/jelly toasted wheat germ cut up dates or any combination of the above Tuna Fish and Mayonnaise ...

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