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Whole Wheat Waffles

  RecipeRecipe (click to expand) 1 1/3 c Whole wheat flour 3/4 ts Salt 2 ts Baking powder 2 tb Sugar 1 c Milk 4 tb Melted shortening 2 Eggs Beat egg yolks well;p add milk and shortening. Combine salt, sugar, and flour. Add to first mixture. Beat until smooth. ...

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Whole Wheat Pasta

  RecipeRecipe (click to expand) 2 1/3 c Whole wheat flour 1/2 ts Salt 2 Eggs; beaten 1/3 c Water 1 ts Olive oil In a mixing bowl stir together 2 cups of the flour and salt. Combine eggs, water, and olive oil; add to flour. Mix well. Sprinkle the ...

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Whole Wheat Pancakes

  RecipeRecipe (click to expand) 1 Egg 1 tb Baking powder 1 c Milk 1/2 tb Baking soda 2 tb Oil 1/2 tb Salt 3/4 c Whole wheat flour 1 tb Honey BEAT EGG. ADD OTHER INGREDIENTS AND BEAT UNTIL SMOOTH. BAKE ON LIGHTLY OILED GRIDDLE UNTIL GOLDEN BROWN, TURNING ...

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Wheat Bread

  RecipeRecipe (click to expand) 2 1/2 cups white bread flour 2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 2 1/2 cups water extra warm 2 teaspoons salt 2 tablespoons honey, molasses or brown sugar 1 tablespoon yeast 2 tablespoons shortening 5 teaspoons vital wheat gluten 1. Using 1/2 cup of the ...

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