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Thai Cucumber Salad


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2 tb Vegetable oil

2 tb Shelled peanuts

1 lg Cucumber, peeled

1 Fresh small red chile (you

-can omit the chile; I did -when I made this for you) 1 Shallot, finely chopped (or

-use green onion) 2 ts Finely chopped lime peel

1 1/2 tb Lime juice

2 ts Fish sauce (or just use a

-little salt) 1 ts Brown sugar

1 cn Tiny salad shrimp

Brown peanuts at high heat in a wok with the oil (or brown in microwave, one minute at a time). Chop them up. Peel cucumber and remove seeds. Grate one half of the cucumber with a cheese grater, and slice the other half in very thin slices (or grate the whole thing, or slice the whole thing, depending on which you like best) Mix everything together and serve. Be sure to put the peanuts on just before you serve it or they will get soggy.

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