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Tom Yum Gai


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-RJHV41A ——————————–P & C PASTE——————————– 1 tb Whole black peppercorns;

3 Garlic cloves; chopped fine

2 tb Fresh lemon juice

-roasted 2 ts Salt

2 c Coriander; coarsly chopped

————————————SOUP———————————— 6 Chicken drumsticks; skinned

1 ts Chopped garlic

-and sliced 6 c Good chicken stock

-Kaffir lime leaves – 3/4 c Chopped onions or shallots –

3 Slices fresh or frozen

2 Stems lemon grass;

2 ts Sugar

2 tb Lime juice

-sliced fresh chillies for — NOTE1 3 Or 4 red chillies; seeded

1 tb Pepper and Coriander Paste

2 Fresh, frozen, or dried

-NOTE2 -NOTE3 -galangal (Kha) – NOTE4 -finely sliced 2 tb Fish sauce (Nam Pla)

Chopped fresh coriander and -garnish (Thai Chicken in Lemon Grass Soup) This is from Charmaine Solomon’s newest publication: THAI COOKBOOK. TO MAKE PEPPER AND CORIANDER PASTE: This is a basic Thai flavoring and will make about one cup which you can store in your fridge. You will use about one teaspoon of it in the Tom Yum Gai. In a dry skillet, dry roast about one Tbs whole black peppercorns for a minute or two. In your blender whizz up the peppercorns together BGMB90B =============== Reply 112 of Note 1 ================= BOARD: FOOD AND WINE BB TOPIC: FOOD SOFTWARE SUBJECT: R-MM THAI AND VIET R TO: ALL DATE: 07/16 FROM: BGMB90B ELAINE RADIS TIME: 6:36 PM

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