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Tortellini Alla Panna


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1 c Of cream (heavy or light)

Tortellini alla panna Tortellini alla panna is a basic of Northern and Central Italian cuisine. Tortellini (usually with a cured ham filling, but spinach or other fillings can go well too. Just don’t use those dry tortellini packets you find on the shelf; choose fresh tortellini, or those you find in the refrigerated section of the store) Grated parmesan (enough to make cream thick) Salt Ham, cubed Butter or Margarine While you cook the tortellini, mix cream, Parmesan, and salt. Set aside. When they are almost cooked, melt a little butter or margarine in a small pan and saute the cubed ham until slighly red, stirring to keep it from sticking. When tortellini are ready, drain, and mix with cream mixture. Pour the contents of the ham pan over the tortellini, and mix. If desired, add some pepper. NOTES: 1. Add some salt to the water you use to cook the tortellini in. 2. Freshly grated Parmesan would be preferred. 3. Some people like to add some cooked green peas 4. The ratio of cream mixture, ham, and tortellini is up to the cook: some like lots of sauce, some just a little… This recipe is used also for tortelloni and ravioli…

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