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Welsh Cakes



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1 lb Self-raising flour

2 oz Butter

4 oz Sugar

4 oz Sultanas and raisins

2 Eggs

1/3 pt Water

On sale in every Welsh bakery, these are one of the great delights of teatime. The are easy to make. The Welsh use a flat iron “planc” (a griddle) to bake the cakes, which are cooked on top heat like Scotch pancakes. A heavy frying pan will do fine if you don’t have a griddle. Makes 15-18 cakes. Rub the fat into the flour and add the fruit and sugar. Mix the water with the eggs and use to make a soft dough just a little firmer than that for the scones. Tip on to a well-floured board and roll out to a thickness of 1/2-inch. Cut out circles with a 2-1/2-inch shell-edged cutter.

Heat a planc or heavy iron frying pan – get the heat up into it gently and thoroughly, and do not let it overheat. If the pan is not well-seasoned or non-stick, slick it with a little butter or vegetable oil. Bake the cakes on the pan, turning them once, until well-risen and lightly browned. They will take about 5 minutes each side. Eat hot or cold, with or without salty butter, but always with a cup of piping-hot tea.

Philippa Davenport


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